POS Management System Based Cloud Architectures

POS Transaction is mainly used Desktop Application to handle it, because the hardest thing to handle this job is POS printing, but with our cloud POS transaction management system, it's job is easy without headache, everything is done with our smart POS Printing Daemon Desktop Manager. Cloud Printing Daemon is mainly used is to handle job printing system request by many field of business, like Ticket POS System, Cafe, Resto, even if hotel and apartement is used to print many POS thing. our experiences and experiments for handling many POS printing, like cashier, kitchen, bar and other, or in hotel management, food can directly request by guest, just scan qr code on their guest card.

POS Cloud Printing. Anything, Anywhere, Anytransaction.

POS Based Cloud Printing is our solution for POS Transaction with Web based Applicatian as realtime service, to handle print out to POS Printer, this meant you just input everything with our POS Based service and print directly without pain to any specific POS printer.

POS Cloud Transaction. POS Transaction from Browser, Why Not?

POS Transaction Cloud Based is POS Transaction with Web based Applicatian, with 1 datasources access, report can easily generating, and realtime access for Owner to check daily report, employee activity, and sales gain.

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