Small Is Not Make You're Little

Begining in 2008, We started to serve PC and Hardware Maintenance, as long as time goes on, we have chalange to provide many field of Computational Purpose, like Desktop and Web Programming, and Mobile Os Apps. The company starting in early 2008 and goes to inovating with add more service on desktop or web software for many corporates activity, like company profile, web based administration system etc. Our concern is to give our customer satisfaction service and hardware supplier, on our main field business. to make the job is easy and fast from anywhere around the world.

We Serve many field of Company, like Administration System Website, Rental, POS System, Sales and Service, and many more activity like School, Campus, Govermental, Clinic and Hospital, and so on. It's give us motivation to give services as better as we can do, and we did it. Some feature of Business like E-mail Handling, admin Panel and SMS Gateway System is must of ready product to give for Customer, they demand stable system and always on 24/7 a year. and thats make us get big chalange to serve these Customer demands.

From Hardware to Software

Our main job started with Hardware vendor and repair, include network mintenance, wi-fi, internet cafe system and minimarket POS system. but laterly we decide to enter Programming in Web and Desktop Applications, like Administration System, Employees or student Attendances, Payroll, Accounting etc, it's become challenger for us to move forward with many field of Customer demands.

And later at 2015 we allout entering Programming and maintaining, embedding, developing for multi purpose hardware based software enginerring to comply with Our Customer Bussines fields, and many more Application for any purpose we build to meet with curent standardized industry 4.0 complients.

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